Highlights from the Care show and Digital Healthcare Show

Highlights from the Care show and Digital Healthcare Exhibition

A delegation of our dedicated staff members attended the esteemed Care Show London, which took place at the iconic Excel London on April 24th and 25th. This premier event is recognised as a pivotal convergence point for experts in the health and social care sectors, offering a rich environment for the exploration of cutting-edge innovations and the latest industry best practices.

The Care Show London serves as an essential platform for professionals committed to advancing the quality of health and social care. It provides a unique forum for the exchange of knowledge, enabling attendees to network with industry peers and engage with a wide array of products and services.

Over the course of two days, a series of enlightening sessions and presentations shed light on key issues, including patient safety, the importance of feedback, the incorporation of AI, system compatibility, and the welfare of healthcare staff. These discussions highlighted the multifaceted challenges and advancements shaping the future of healthcare.

During the two-day event, our staff had the opportunity to attend a series of panel discussions and workshops led by distinguished figures in the field. These sessions covered a variety of topics, from technological advancements in care delivery to strategies for enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction. The insights gained from these discussions are invaluable, equipping our team with new tools and methodologies to enhance the care we provide. Our team’s presence at this event underscores Hartwig Care’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the delivery of care.

The Care Show London facilitated a collaborative atmosphere where professionals from diverse backgrounds could come together to share their experiences and challenges. This collaborative environment is crucial for fostering a community of shared expertise, which is instrumental in shaping the future of social care services.

Some of the panel discussions and workshops include:

  • Moving forward: the centrality of social care in future policy making led by: Gavin Edwards (Social Care Lead) from UNISON, Gill Morris (Executive Director) from Future Social Care Coalition, Natalie Grayson (National Care Organiser) from GMB UNION, and Vic Rayner (Chief Executive Officer) from NCF
  • Preventing clinical burnout – Could Ambient Voice Technology be the Answer led by Rishi Das-Gupta
  • Care Connections: Mastering Social Media led by Amy Dobson (social media manager) from Hallmark Luxury Care Homes, Ben Miller (Registered Manager) from Milkwood Care, & Daniel Jenkins (Commercial Director) from Wagada digital
  • Scaling innovation across the NHS – successes and challenges led by: Catherine Davies (Director) from Digital Healthcare Council, Ruth Poole (CEO) from PreventX, Lyndsey Reeves (Director of UK Operations) from Livi , & Dr Sara Day (Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV, and Clinical Lead for Sexual Health London from NHS

The Significance of Integration of NHS & Social Care

The event spotlighted the critical themes of integration and interoperability. Nick Goodall from NHS England underscored the need for enhanced communication across health and social care to improve patient services. Digital solutions are key to connecting varied systems, facilitating smoother data flow. He pointed out the public’s indifference to service branding, underscoring their desire for high-quality, supportive care, thus necessitating alignment between NHS and social care. Diverse systems across companies highlight the need for interoperable technologies to minimise redundancy, mistakes, and technology-related exhaustion. The session concluded that impactful technology addresses core industry challenges, such as reducing workload, saving time, and improving staff retention.

Adopting Digital Tools in Healthcare Management While Preventing Technological Burnout

At the Care Show London and Digital Healthcare Show, a prominent theme was the role of technology in advancing care services. Experts highlighted that beyond managing time, technology is instrumental in improving staff welfare and career growth. It not only affords caregivers more time with residents but also personal time, which is crucial for reducing burnout and bolstering retention, thereby enhancing the quality of care. The Global Healthcare Innovation session offered insights into evolving trends like dependability, AI adoption, and preventing burnout, emphasizing technology’s role in bettering patient care and staff health.

The conference also shed light on technology’s role in promoting sustainability and operational efficiency. By utilising technology, such as sensors, companies can collect data to fine-tune resource distribution and cut costs. The consensus from the sessions was clear: technology is beneficial, but it must be implemented in a way that supports exceptional care. The move towards digitalisation was evident, focusing on efficiency and GDPR compliance as key to a successful transition. Health and social care professionals are navigating the shift to new digital tools, which presents challenges that could exacerbate existing issues. Selecting holistic systems that address multiple aspects of care is essential to avoid short-term fixes. Emphasising long-term strategies is crucial for addressing ongoing challenges. Systems that are cohesive and integrated can mitigate digital fatigue, reduce redundancy, simplify training, and ensure GDPR and regulatory adherence.

Some shots from the event:

As a leading provider of health and social care, Hartwig Care recognises the importance of staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations that are transforming the industry. The knowledge and resources acquired at the Care Show London are integral to our mission of delivering exceptional care. We are excited to integrate these advancements into our services, ensuring that we are well-prepared to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

We extend our gratitude to the organisers of the Care Show London for orchestrating such a comprehensive and enlightening event. Hartwig Care looks forward to participating in future gatherings and continuing to contribute to the advancement of the health and social care industry. Stay tuned for further updates on how our experiences at the Care Show London will inform and enhance our services. Together, we are forging a path toward a brighter, more innovative future in care.



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