Grief Awareness Week: Coping with Reawakened Grief

One of life’s biggest challenges is coping with the loss of a loved one, and even years after a loss these feelings can continue to return. These feelings may return, on the anniversary of their death, on special days throughout the year or when something reminds you of your loved one.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and the experience is unique to everyone. It is crucial to be patient with yourself as you continue to heal, and there is a range of steps you can take to help you cope with the reminders of loss.

Be prepared

Reacting and becoming emotional around anniversaries and special days are normal. You can prepare for these reactions and turn them into healing opportunities.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions

Your feelings are normal. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel, sadness, anger or even relief. But also allow yourself to experience happiness and joy, and celebrate the good times. It won’t feel like this forever.

Remember your memories

Focus on the good times and memories you shared. Reminiscing and sharing memories with others who were close to your loved one may bring you a sense of happiness and togetherness.

Connect with others

Try not to avoid your family and friends but draw on them and lean on them for support. After losing a loved one, your family and friends will want to help but they might not know how so you may need to tell them what support you need. Find someone who will listen to you talk about your feelings and experience, and if you don’t have someone willing to listen consider joining a support group.

Join a support group

Grief can feel lonely, especially when you have lost a loved one. Sharing your experiences and feelings with people who may be going through a similar experience may make you feel a little less lonely.

Reach out

Woman in counselling for grief and lossDon’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If the grief becomes too much to handle, there are people available to help you work through what you are feeling.

If you need help coping with your grief, there are many resources available. For more information on where to go for support and suggestions for helping yourself and others, visit:

Perfect Care employees, we offer support to all our employees with our Emotional Support and Well-Being Service. If you work at Perfect Care and are struggling professionally or personally, call 07751828989 or email

We are also offering all our employees access to LifeWorks. LifeWorks offers perks, discounts, online well-being resources and 24/7 confidential counselling for free. If you work for Perfect Care and want to sign up for LifeWorks, please email



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