Letters from satisfied Stakeholders

…… A huge thank you to the planners who took over from Mariam: Marlon and Chucks are my favourites as they have people skills. They have always been respectful and polite towards me and they have taken their time to listen and resolve issues. They don’t shout or argue and they are fair. They understand and identify that every service user has different requirements. Both have awesome people skills and they are diplomatic.


Lastly, thank you to Oke, Patricia and Kelechi.


I feel the operations is a lot more efficient, organised and peaceful and I hope it continues. I have noticed the difference and improvement via busy periods, where there would be a lot of holidays within the team and everyone is under great pressure to accommodate. The office hardly hear from me unless it’s urgent. Most of all, the current planners I have mentioned, retain good communication skills.

Both Marlon and Chucks do what they say. That’s so important. They respond to calls, messages and emails.

The internal phone system is a lot better now. You are guaranteed that there is a person who will answer your call.

I love the digital system that’s in place, regarding the care workers reports that family members have access to. It’s very efficient and it’s a good system to help us retain peace of mind. The Carers are not late compared to incidents in past years. This indicates that my Mums Carers have enough time to travel between service users. I can honestly add, on my first initial meeting with all the Care workers, they all wear their PPE. They also wash their hands on arrival.

My Mum has refused the Covid vaccine. Thanks God we have kept her safe and she’s never had Covid or the flu or a chest infection since 3 years ago.


I can’t speak for other clients but I can honestly say my Mum has generally had good care workers to support her since January 2019. They are kind, hardworking and I can trust the individual with my Mum when I’m not around. I’ve never had any serious issues with the care or the Carers throughout the years that couldn’t be resolved. I wish everyone the best for the future and please look after your Care Workers and each other in head office. This will equate to a happy, “Hartwig family,” with outstanding Care workers.

This will be my honest review for different websites including the CQC.

Thank you ❤


Sorry Chucks… I don’t have your Hartwig email address. 



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